Klopp backs FA Cup replays should abandon

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Klopp backs FA Cup replays should abandon.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said. He would like FA Cup replays to cancel as they add more games. And there should a better solution to help smaller clubs. rather than doing this

The FA Cup remains one of the competitions with replays this season. During the 2020-2021 season. This section was cancel once due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Before returning to the same rules again and Klopp admitted that he did not agree with the re-use of this rule.

“The fate of a small club cannot be solve by playing against a big team. That plays every three days. It can’t fix everything by telling more games to add.”

“I would like a change to cancel game replays. How many times have smaller clubs been able to qualify for the next round by playing more games? I know more games mean more money involved. That’s already known. But there must be a way to fix this in other ways. Nobody wants to destroy a small club. Like every club, they have the right to exist in football.

English football A meeting was held over restructuring for the top clubs in the league today. Each team already has a number of games played each season. On the basis of giving importance to domestic cup football as well. While in European football it will change. The English Football Association is also necessary to adapt to the changing society in football as well.