Play dice online for real money

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Play dice online for real money.

One dice online will have 6 faces. Each face will consist of points from 1 to 6 according to the point of the face of the dice. In the form of a table game or hi-lo live. There will be a time limit for you to place bets. By the time the countdown has ended. The dealer then starts rolling the dice. When the result of the dice is known. The prize has been paid Consider as the end of that betting round. Let’s get to know at UFABET

How to play Hi-Lo online

1. Bet on numbers

For example, guessing number. If all 3 dice are shaken, there is 1 number 2, receive 1 time prize / 2 balls, receive 2 times the prize money and in the case of 3 dice. Receive 3 times the prize money.

2. Bet 2 numbers

Is guessing 2 numbers, such as 1 and 4, must have dice 1 and 4. Both numbers in order to receive a prize money with a payout rate of 5 times

3. bet high or low

Is to predict how many total points the 3 dice will have, 3 – 10 points is low, 11 – 18 points is high, the payout rate is 1 times.

4. Bet on Even or Odd

Is to predict whether the total number of points of all 3 dice will have an even number or an odd number, for example, all 3 dice can add up to 11 points. Equal to an odd number, with a payout rate of 1 times.

5. Bet on repeated balls or doubles

Is to predict whether there will 2 identical balls or not. Such as 1 with 1 or 2 with 2, with a payout rate of 8 times